Virtual Interactive Poster Session

How it Works

The poster session will be held in the web-conferencing space, in virtual poster rooms. All participants will be moving their avatar around in the conference space using the keyboard’s arrow keys. Feel free to visit us there, at any time during the three-day conferences.

In, you can navigate to the virtual poster rooms:

Room 1: Poster 1 – 24
Room 2: Poster 25 – 48
Room 3: Poster 49 – 72

The poster book with abstracts will be published before the event. A link will be provided here.

Walk up to any poster you would like to view. A preview should appear. Hit “x” to view the poster. When the presenter or another conference visitor is present, you will automatically connect and can hold a video conference while discussing the poster.

Submit a Poster

From the submitted posters, we will make a selection. The number is limited to 72 posters. We will upload those that are selected.

Please click on the button below to register your poster:

Prior submission, make sure you prepared the poster file and the poster abstract (.docx).

Please be aware that the poster will be presented to fit a screen (16:9). This means that landscape is the most suitable format. However, posters in portrait will also fit well as the poster stands allow scrolling for both presenters and visitors. 

Three formats are aload, PNG, JPEG and GIF files, you will have to convert your poster to fit this file format.

Instructions for Poster Files

Main document (Please provide as high quality as possible) 

  • .jpg, .gif or .png  formats are the only ones that may be used. 
  • Minimum width is 1000px (26.46cm).
    • Minimum height is 600px (15.88cm).
    • Maximum file size is 10 MB. 
  • If you use a transparent background (.png), it will be converted to a white background.

Shortly after the poster submission deadline, the organizers will notify you whether your poster has been selected for the poster presentation, and will inform you on your poster number. 

The deadline for submitting your poster on the limesurvey platform is on Friday, July 2nd at 23h59 (CET, Paris time).

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